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Our Approach To Certification Training

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4. Quality–Driven: We use the latest teaching techniques and methodologies.


NBMBAA Members use your member benefit discount to get certified in Project Management before the end of the year. The Global Project Management Certification Exams facilitated by the Project Management Institute will become significantly more difficult on January 2, 2021.


COST OF CertifiNOW CLASS: $1,950
  • NBMBAA Member Benefit: $700 Discount
  • NBMBAA Members only pay $1,250

NBMBAA member benefit project management certification training for PMP and CAPM exam


December 31,2020, is the last day to take the current PMI certification exams. The new PMI® PMP® Certification exams will become more difficult for the following reasons:

  1. The amount of information a candidate will need to learn will increase by 50% (See the following chart)
  2. Students will need to demonstrate proficiency in Agile project management


  1. Review the differences between the two exams, shown in the chart
  2. Schedule and take an upcoming CertifiNOW Virtual class – to pass the current PMI® PMP®/CAPM® certification exams ASAP.
  3. Stay Safe and take the exam virtually and/or at home. In response to the Pandemic, PMI® has created virtual exams to enable candidates to take certification exams in a safe environment.

Current Exam
(Expires 12/31/2020)
New Exams

(Begin 01/02/2021)

50% more information to learn


1. Initiating a project
(Initiating Process Group: 13% of exam questions)

2. Planning a Project
(Planning Process Group: 24% of exam questions)

3. Executing a project plan
(Executing Process Group: 31% of exam questions)

4. Monitoring & Controlling a project
(M&C Process Group: 25% of exam questions)

5. Closing a project or phase
(Closing Process Group: 7% of exam questions)


1. Process (50%)

  • Note: This is 100% of current exam
  • This is about the technical aspects of project management


2. People (42%)

This is about leadership of your project team


3. Business Environment (8%)

This is about the link with organizational strategy

PMI Talent Triangle


PMI Domains, Tasks, & Enablers


Source and Type of Project Management:
90% Predictive Project Management, as documented in the Project Management Body of Knowledge (i.e., 6th edition PMBOK® Guide)
Source and Type of Project Management:
50:50 Split between the PMBOK® Guide (Predictive Project Management) and the Agile Practice Guide (Agile and Hybrid Project Management approaches)

NBMBAA member benefit project management certification training for PMP and CAPM exam

CertifiNOW is PMI  Registered Education Provider CertifiNOW is a premier Registered Education Provider (REP®) for the Project Management Institute (PMI®) and offers PMP® and CAPM® training courses through out the year. The CertifiNOW 3 day CAPM® and PMP® training courses are advanced courses that demystifies project management PMP® and CAPM® training into a 3 day course for students preparing to take the exams. CertifiNOW condenses the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK® Guide) so that you can fully understand & apply the relevant information towards passing the Project Management Institute's PMP® exam. There is no easy fix to the hard work that must go into studying for the CAPM® and PMP® exam, but don't risk your CAPM® and PMP® training on at-home study techniques! With quizzes and sample test questions, CertifiNOW is the sure place to go for your CAPM® and PMP® training to pass the exam on your first attempt.