our classroom benefits

1. We’re Time-Efficient

We save time. CertifiNOW will bring the discipline and business benefits of project management to you and/or your organization in the shortest amount of time possible – Just 3 days! CertifiNOW has developed an advanced course that condenses a year’s worth of preparation into a 3-day class filled with processes, study guides, and test taking strategies that enables the qualified candidates to pass the PMP® or CAPM® Exam on their 1st attempt. In 3-days, we present the Project Management Institute's Project Management Framework and train you (and/or your employees) to leverage that framework to pass PMI® certification exams. Virtually, all of our students pass their PMI® exam on the 1st attempt.

2. We’re Boredom-Resistant!

CertifiNOW offers the best classroom experience in the industry. The materials covered in the classes are intense, meticulous, and tedious. Thus, it takes an exceptional instructor to overcome those hurdles to produce an enjoyable classroom experience. The enthusiasm of a CertifiNOW instructor is legendary. There is no one in the industry that offers the energy and excitement that CertifiNOW brings to the classroom. Therefore, in addition to learning a lot, we guarantee that you will not be bored.

3. We’re Student-Centered

We define our success one student at a time. Therefore, our job is not done until each student gets certified. Because of this student-centered approach, virtually all certification candidates that take a CertifNOW course, do in fact, pass on their first attempt. However, due to the difficult nature of the certification exams, there will be occasions when someone does not pass the exam. That is when our intervention process comes into effect. CertifiNOW literally reviews the actual PMP® or CAPM® Exam score sheets for each student that does not pass the exam. A personalized study plan is developed that targets the student’s specific weaknesses – as revealed by the certification exam - and course work. Upon implementation of the personalized study plan, virtually every student passes on their 2nd attempt. This student-centered approach is what sets us apart from our competitors, placing CertifiNOW at the front-line of the project management training industry.

4. We’re Quality-Driven

There is a high cost for low quality – and CertifiNOW is not willing to pay it. Therefore, we have carefully chosen and designed the finest classroom materials and learning aids that will best prepare you for the certification exam.

The latest iteration of teaching techniques and methodologies utilized by CertifiNOW have been strategically modified according to the most recent version of the Project Management Institute's PMBOK® Guide (5th edition). We are confident that we have developed the most proficient 3-day class in the industry that will position each student to pass the PMP® or CAPM® certification exam on their first attempt.

We pride ourselves in our ability to accommodate the demanding needs of professionals by saving them enormous amounts of time; (unfortunately, those professionals that do not take our prep classes spend far too much time preparing for their certification exams -- without any guarantee of passing.)