Class Policies

The following class policies define the rules of engagement between students and CertifiNOW. The policies were put in place to protect the mutual best interest of the registered students and CertifiNOW. If you have any questions or concerns please call 770.321.1817.

1. Registration/Early Registration

Classroom seats are on a first-come first-serve basis and cannot be reserved without pre-payment. CertifiNOW PMP® and CAPM® prep courses fill-up quickly so it is not unusual for students to register for classes six months in advance. Upon successful credit card processing, a seat will be reserved in the selected CertifiNOW class.

2. Online Registration/Payment Confirmation

Those who register via the web will receive an e-mail confirmation within 24 hours of their online registration.

3. Class Transfers

Transfer request must be made in writing and received at least 30-days prior to the start of your originally scheduled class. Each student is allotted one “free” class transfer request as long as it is made 30-days prior to the originally scheduled class. All subsequent class transfers and all transfer request made within 30-days of a class start date, will be charged a $100 transfer fee.

4. Classroom Location Changes

CertifiNOW reserves the right to change class locations within the general vicinity of the originally scheduled class. Thus, within a week of the first day of class, please confirm the class location via the CertifiNOW website.

5. Recording Classes

The recording of CertifiNOW courses, in any format, is strictly prohibited. No audio or visual recordings are allowed under any circumstances.

6. No-Show Policy

All no-shows will be charged $500.00.

7. Partial Absences

To uphold Project Management Institute’s criteria for “successful completion” of a course, CertifiNOW will not reward a student with a successful completion certificate, contact hours, or PDUs if a student misses more than 30 minutes per day of non-break classroom time.

8. Testimonials

We encourage our students to give us feedback about their class room experiences. However, CertifiNOW does not pay for testimonials or referrals. All testimonials come from individuals who have paid to attend the course and offer their testimonials free of charge.

9. Refund Policy

We offer a guarantee that is both straightforward and simple. It is based on the assumption that all students want to pass their certification exam; Thus, CertifiNOW does everything possible to help each student achieve their certification goals.

Here’s how it works:

  • Registered students must attend all class sessions and complete all assignments.

  • Registered students must take the PMP® or CAPM® certification exam within a calendar month of completing a CertifiNOW PMP® or CAPM® Prep course.

  • If a registered student does not pass their certification exam, they will receive a date & time stamped score sheet from the testing center. This original score sheet must be fax to CertifiNOW within one week of the students exam date. The registered student must also call the CertifiNOW office to confirm that we have received a faxed copy of the original PMP® or CAPM® exam score sheet, which they received from the testing center. Upon confirmation, a CertifiNOW instructor will evaluate the exam results, compare them against the student’s in-class performance, and use this information to develop a personalized study plan especially design for the registered student.

  • The registered student must complete their personalized study plan, developed by CertifiNOW, and retake their PMI® certification exam (PMP® or CAPM®) within 2 months of their original failure date.

  • The Project Management Institute will permit a certification candidate to schedule and take a PMI® certification exam (PMP® or CAPM®) three times within a calendar year. Therefore, after implementing a personalized study plan, developed by CertifiNOW, if the student still does not pass the PMP® or CAPM® exam on the 2nd attempt, (realize that this has never happened before), CertifiNOW may offer an option that enables the registered student to audit a future course free of charge.

  • Once the registered student has exceeded the Project Management Institute’s allotted 3 exam attempts in one calendar year, CertifiNOW will refund 100% of the students course tuition. All refunds must be requested in writing.

10. Class Audits

To audit a CertifiNOW class, one must send a written request to Certifi NOW LLC, six weeks in advance of the prospective class. Permission to grant class audits is the sole discretion of CertifiNOW management and must be backed by written proof. Space for class audits are very limited and therefore are reserved for previously registered CertifiNOW students who have paid for and attended a previous CertifiNOW course, but did not pass their PMI® certification exam. Only previous CertifiNOW students will be considered as candidates for a class audit.

11. Cancellation Policy

All cancellation request must be made in writing. A $100 cancellation fee will be charged for request made within 30-days of the start date of a registered course. However, cancellation request made 30-days prior to the start date of a scheduled course, will be free of charge. A $500 cancellation fee will charged for request made within 15-days of the start date of a registered course. If a request is received or made on the 1st day of class, a $500 fee will be charged, according to our No-Show Policy.